IR Information


About the Company

When was the Company founded?
In July 1980.

About Shares of the Company

Which exchange are your shares traded on?
FJ Next Holdings shares trade on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime.
What was the listing date of the shares?
Shares were listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange on December 15, 2004.
Shares were listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 9, 2007.
Shares were listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on October 22, 2013.
Shares were shifted to the Prime of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on April 4, 2022.
What is your securities code?
How many shares are in one trading unit of your shares?
What is the current share price?
Information on the current share price is available here.
What is the number of outstanding shares?
Please provide information on dividends.
FJ Next Holdings recognizes that the return of profits to shareholders is one of the most important management issues of the Company. Based on comprehensive consideration of factors such as financial balance and internal reserves for active business expansion, our basic policy is to engage in continual and stable distribution of profits in accordance with the amount of profits.
Click here for the dividend amount.
If you do not receive your dividend payment within three years after the date for start of payment, we are not able to pay the dividend.
Where should I contact for administrative procedures related to shares (for example, address changes, etc.)?
Please contact Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd. Detailed information is available here.

About Financial Results and Business Performance

When is your fiscal year-end?
March 31st.Please refer here for information on financial results.
When are financial results announced?
Please refer to the IR calendar for a schedule of announcing financial results.
Please provide information on recent financial results.
Please refer to the financial information section.
Please provide information on business forecasts.
For information on business forecasts, please refer to Financial reports and Financial results briefing.

About the Shareholders' Meeting

When is the Shareholders' Meeting?
The Shareholders' Meeting is held in late June.
How are voting rights exercised?
The Company sends a notice of convocation for the Shareholders' Meeting and a form for exercising voting rights to the shareholders listed in the shareholder register at the end of the record date for the Shareholders' Meeting.
There are three ways to exercise your voting rights.
・Bring your voting form to the venue
・Send voting form by mail
・Exercise your voting rights using the internet
※Institutional investors can use the electronic voting operated by ICJ Co., Ltd.


What is the method of public notice?
Public notice of the Company shall be given by electronic public notice. If the Company is unable to give public notice by electronic public notice due to an accident or any other unavoidable circumstances, such notices shall be published on Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper.
About the IR Schedule
Please refer here for information on the IR schedule.