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Creating an urban lifestyle and building changeless value

Yukiharu Hida Chairman, President and CEO

We would like to sincerely thank all of you for your support.

Since our foundation in 1980, based on the corporate philosophy of "contributing to the creation of a prosperous society through the challenge and creation of urban dwelling spaces," We has provided the Gala Condominium series as investment-type condominiums in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Currently, We has supplied more than 20,000 condominiums. We have also achieved a stable and high occupancy rate. We take pride in these achievements as proof that we are trusted by both owners and residents of the Gala Condominium series.

The investment-type condominium business, which is the core business of the FJ Next Group, has the increasingly important social role of serving as an infrastructure that supports the lives of single people who are active in society, and as an investment-type property for those seeking stable profits through real estate.

We will strive to provide constant and sincere response to the expectations of all stakeholders by developing properties with a focus on location and quality, and by improving the value of our corporate brand and product brands through the enhancement of our customer support systems.

June 2024
Yukiharu Hida
Chairman and CEO

Keisuke Hida, President and CEO

Our job through the GALA Condominium series is not only to provide quality living space for residents, but also to help condominium owners build long-term, stable assets and create comfortable and secure urban spaces for the local community and society.

We are committed to building a good relationship with our clients not only now, but also in the future, over the long term. We believe that the most important things for this are trust, credibility, and sincerity as human beings, the ability to think from the standpoint of our customers and others, and the ability to meet 120% and 200% of our customers' expectations.

As times accelerate and change drastically, we believe that what is important is to continue to grow and change ourselves and take on new challenges, while further valuing what we have valued up to now.We will continue to value what we have valued in the past, but we will also incorporate new things as we change and take on new challenges. The crystallization of these efforts is the "GALA Condominium Series.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement for our group.

June 2024
Keisuke Hida
President and CEO