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Planning and sales of investment-type condominiums


FJ Next plans and sells investment-type condominiums in the 23 wards of Tokyo, with a focus on the Tokyo metropolitan area, as well as cities such as Yokohama and Kawasaki, which are expected to experience rental demand on the same level as the Tokyo metropolitan area.
Planning and development of the investment-type Gala Condominium series is done from the point of view of residents. These high-grade and high-quality condominiums feature entrances with a stately atmosphere, superb design, stylish exterior appearance, and equipment specifications which prioritize safety and convenience.
Our condominiums also boast highly convenient locations and outstanding access. Almost all properties are located within a few minutes' walk from the nearest station and offer direct access to main stations used for commuting to work and school.
The appeal of investment-type condominiums is that owners can rent the unit and receive rental income, thus making efficient use of the time until retirement. Other merits include measures for pensions in old age and measures for inheritance.


【Meaning of Gala】
The word gala is derived from Spanish. It means "festival" or "special event."
The Gala brand expresses the Company's hope that residents' lives will be cheerful and fun.

Planning and Sales of Family-type Condominiums


Constantly embracing the challenge of providing living space desired by customers.
In recent years, the elements desired of housing have become increasingly diversified.

To respond to these customer needs and to ensure that all residents can lead an uncompromising lifestyle, we launched the new Gala Residence series in 2007 as part of the Company's Gala Condominium series brand. The Gala Residence offers easy access to transportation and a surrounding environment with unparalleled convenience, as well as advanced fundamental performance and unmatched craftsmanship. Above all, when designing a condominium, we give top priority to the comfort, peace of mind, and safety of our residences.
In addition, in order to maintain the asset value of our customers' valuable homes, we work with Group companies such as FJ Community Co., Ltd. to maintain a comfortable and safe condominium lifestyle through our reliable after-sales system. In order to create even greater happiness and protect what is important, we will continue to provide comfortable residences and satisfaction which fulfill your dreams and hopes for your home.


Sales, Planning and Development of Resorts in Izu

It is our mission to convey the splendor of living while surrounded by the sea, sky and greenery in Izu.

We work to ensure that real estate transactions such as sales, purchases, and replacements are performed promptly, safely, and appropriately. Our experienced staff accepts various types of consultations from customers and provides high-quality services including accurate price assessment of real estate for sale, provision of property information matching purchase conditions, fund planning, contracting, and delivery.
The Company also actively promotes the use of the internet, and our website always offers an abundance of the latest property information. If you are considering the purchase of a resort property or permanent residence in Izu, our website makes it possible to search at any time for properties which meet your requirements.
In order to continually satisfy the expectations of customers, we will continue to contribute to the rich resort life in Izu by proposing product planning and sales planning which reflect the know-how gained from numerous sales transactions and the frank opinions from customers.