Corporate Information

Corporate Philosophy

Contributing to the creation of a prosperous society through the challenge and creation of urban dwelling spaces.

Through the Gala Condominium series, we provide high-quality living spaces that support the lives of single people and provide highly profitable assets. We have achieved sustainable growth based on the social significance of fulfilling a role in the creation of urban dwelling space while being united with the community and society.
From life today to several years in the future and beyond.
We believe that our Gala Condominium series is much more than residential infrastructure; instead, it is also a bridge to the future which weaves a variety of emotions for all people involved.
The mission of the FJ Next Group is to continually embrace the challenge of creating new value, to provide environments which give people life with a dream, and to contribute to the creation of a prosperous society leading to the future.

Corporate Slogan

Life with a dream

Each person has a different dream in their heart. When we were children, we all dreamed of being a professional baseball player or opening our own cake shop.
FJ Next is driven by the strong desire to provide life with a dream to as many people as possible. In order to help people realize their dreams, FJ Next proposes life with a dream which matches the needs of each individual.

Meaning of Company Name

The Company name refers to the four Js which are the missions and social responsibilities to be fulfilled by FJ Next, as well as our commitment to pursuing those missions and responsibilities for the benefit of coming generations.