Privacy policy

Handing of Personal Information

This document explains our handling of personal information in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

1.Personal information acquired and held by the Company

  • (1)The Company acquires and retains personal information from customers in connection with real estate transactions (sale, lease, and brokerage).
  • (2)The Company acquires and retains personal information from customers in connection with real estate specified joint venture.
  • (3)The Company acquires and retains personal information from customers in connection with insurance transactions (fire insurance, earthquake insurance, latent defect insurance, life insurance).
  • (4)The Company acquires and retains personal information from customers during the business stage before contracts, such as questionnaires and inquiries.
  • (5)In addition to (1),(2),(3),and(4) above, the Company acquires and retains personal information from information provided by database operators or from public information. Types of indirectly acquired personal information includes addresses, names, telephone numbers, office names, office telephone numbers, etc.

2.Purpose of using personal information

The Company uses the personal information of customers for the following purposes.

  • (1)To provide property information in sales transactions (telephone, direct mail, etc.)
  • (2)To fulfill contracts in sales transactions
  • (3)To provide advice and after-sales service in sales transactions
  • (4)To fulfill contracts in a business based on act on specified joint real estate ventures.
  • (5)To fulfill a contract for the agency and brokerage of a lease
  • (6)To solicit, consummate contracts, and conduct management in the non-life insurance agency business
  • (7)To fulfill the contract for latent defect insurance
  • (8)To conduct various surveys, etc., for understanding the degree of customer satisfaction
  • (9)To provide customers with information on special services, new products, etc.
  • (10)To conduct research and development for products and services through market research, statistics and data analysis, etc.
  • (11)To analyze the information such as the browsing history and purchase history that you got and use it for advertisements related to new products and services according to your hobbies and tastes.
  • (12)To perform marketing activities for improving services
  • (13)To analyze customer information when proposing products or services
  • (14)To carry out matters incidental to each of the above purposes

3.Consignment of handling personal information

Handling of personal information (names, addresses, property information, etc.) held by the Company may be outsourced in the form of written information, telephone calls, advertising mediums, etc., depending on the business content and within the scope necessary to achieve the aforementioned purpose of use. The Company shall select a contractor who possesses a sufficient management system, and shall perform necessary and appropriate supervision. Furthermore, the Company shall not provide customer personal information to third parties unless there is a legitimate reason for doing so; for example, when prior consent has been obtained or when disclosure is required based on laws and regulations.

4.Shared use of personal information

The Company engages in shared use of customer personal information among Group companies.

  • (1)Personal information subject to shared use
    Names, addresses, telephone numbers, offices, e-mail addresses, property information, and other information related to transactions with customers
  • (2)Scope of parties engaged in shared use
    Five companies in the FJ Next Group (FJ Next Holdings Co., Ltd., FJ Next Co., Ltd., FJ Community Co., Ltd., Resitec Co., Ltd., Allied Life, Co., Ltd.)
  • (3)Purpose of use by users
    • ・To implement Group-wide after-sales service for customers
    • ・To conduct various surveys, etc., to grasp Group-wide customer satisfaction
    • ・To introduce products/services handled by Group companies
    • ・To contact or inquire in regards to products/services to customers who use the products/services handled by Group companies
  • (4)Business entity responsible for managing the shared use of personal information
    Shinjuku i-Land Tower, 6-5-1 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1310, Japan
    Keisuke Hida, President and CEO

5.About cookies

  • (1)For the purpose of providing even better information and services to our customers, when customers view the Company website or e-mail from the Company, the Company may use cookie information from the computers or other devices used by customers. Cookies are text files that are recorded on your computer or other device when you visit a specific website, and can be used to identify your computer.
  • (2)The company and business partners of the company may use the data collected by cookies for the following purposes.
    • ・Analysis of user trends on the Company website
    • ・Display of the most appropriate advertisements on websites outside the Company based on access status, etc.
    • ・Sales activities related to the registered information
  • (3)If you do not want your information to be collected via cookies, you can configure your browser settings to refuse cookies. However, in this case, please note that some services on the Company website may not be available.
  • (4)In measuring the effectiveness of our web advertising, we may obtain information (such as the date of click and the name of the site on which the advertisement was posted) from tools operated by our business partners and third parties that award points for sales promotion measures, and collate this information with the personal information that we already have on our customers.

6.Security management measures for personal information

We will endeavor to protect the rights and interests of individuals by establishing basic matters for ensuring the legal and proper handling of personal information.

  • (1)Development of discipline regarding the handling of personal information
    In order to ensure the proper handling of personal information, we have established a basic policy regarding compliance with relevant laws and guidelines.
  • (2)Organizational safety management measures
    A personal information manager who has overall responsibility for the handling of personal information and an audit manager for the handling of personal information will be appointed to create a ledger that describes the type, content, and storage location of personal information, will be reviewed regularly and keep it up to date. Regarding security management measures for personal information, we clearly define the responsibilities and authorities of employees, and have established and operate rules related to the protection of personal information.
    We have established in a report communication system to the information manager if we grasp the facts or signs that violate laws and regulations and company regulations.
  • (3)Personal security management measures
    We thoroughly inform employees of the proper handling of personal information and provide appropriate education, and take measures to supervise employees so that personal information can be safely managed.
  • (4)Physical safety management measures
    Depending on the department or business that handles personal information, the Company manages servers and information system areas to prevent unauthorized persons from viewing or handling personal information.
    In addition, we will take physical measures to prevent theft of equipment and electronic media, prevent leakage when carrying electronic media, etc., and to manage the safety of personal information such as disposal of equipment and electronic media.
  • (5)Technical safety management measures
    We will take technical management measures such as access control such as authentication, authority management, control and recording when accessing personal information, anti-malware measures and anti-virus measures for the system, encryption and clarification of responsibility.

7.Case's where contract is not concluded of real estate.

Even if a real estate transaction contract with our company is not concluded, or is cancelled or terminated after conclusion,
we will keep your personal information and transaction information for a certain period of time.


How to submit questions and comments regarding our handling of personal information

Please contact the Company as listed below if you would like to request disclosure, correction, or suspension of use of personal information (hereinafter, "Disclosure, etc."), or if you have any other questions or comments regarding the handling of personal information by the Company.

Procedures for requesting Disclosure, etc., of personal information

Requests for Disclosure, etc., of personal information should be submitted to the above Customer Service Office using the prescribed form. Please note that you will be responsible for paying a prescribed shipping fee for the disclosure of personal information.

Name of the authorized personal information protection organization to which the Company belongs and submission point for complaints

Currently, the Company does not belong to an authorized personal information protection organization.

Established on April 1, 2005
Last revision on June 25,2024